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RIPL @ DSEI 2023

The front of a large exhibition hall with a military band and a jet plane

Ripl is primarily a think-tank outputting disruptive ideas to solve existing and emerging problems. Our people don’t think normally, which is critical when you need to conceive solutions beyond the boundaries of industry fixed-mindsets.

DSEI is a great event for us - walking the halls, meeting some very smart people, finding out how they are solving problems and discussing how our early-TRL design concepts can help.

This week Paul Baxter and Andy Crouch mostly talked about:

> EV range extension with Ripl’s Rotary ICE (40% more efficient than Ford Ecoboost V6, 3.5x improved power-to-weight, quiet-running) – with George Woollard (Babcock International Group) and Bryan Munce @ATDU Project Lurcher.

> Is America starting to look for an operational viable EM Railgun again? Ripl has a design for one with no power-spike requirement and small footprint – with Jason Keen at IERUS Technologies Inc.

> A new production method for armour using nano tubes that Ripl has proposed with Fraser Rankin at Diamorph and David PysdenChiron Global Tech.

> A solution-shift for maritime propulsiuon Net Zero targets with Alex Aitken at FCG Futures Lab

Other ace people we met:

Robin King at Programable – mind-bendingly powerful and useful probabilistic-AI text analytics identifying and overcoming fraud and system breakdown, in any language.

Ben HillardEpiphany Engineering Ltd – sharp engineering solutions from a cutting-edge mind.

Sarah Vincent-MajorDIEMinnovations – Duchess – a stimulating interview voicebot that drives rich and high-quantity text data capture.

Michel Albrecht ★ SOCITEC GROUP and Claude Prost ★ SocitecSocitec and their massively resilient anti-vibration technology.



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