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Ripl is an early-TRL think-tank 
staffed by abnormal thinkers.
We exist to help solve your engineering problems.
On the way, we invent new technologies  to accelerate humanity’s development.
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Our Services

Ripl is a concept design agency. Our team is a whizz-bang mix of knowledge, experience, expertise, and unusual mindsets. It consists of PhD's, global innovation thought-leaders, practising subject matter experts, and those with only the barest amount of formal education.
What we all have in common is an uncommon approach to thinking  and problem solving. We actively seek out 'impossible challenges' to keep our minds occupied.
Our sweet-spot is between TRL 1 and 5.
Contract with Ripl to add a turbo-shot of mental diversity and high-level acumen to your project.
An unsolveable engineering problem?
A design to leave the competition behind?
Work with Ripl to leapfrog stagnant perspectives, blow up fossilised mindsets, and find your way to step-change functionality.



We solve engineering challenges with liberated and unparalleled thinking.
We create, free from echo-chamber and industry groupthink, process indoctrination, and fear of judgment.
Contract with us directly or through state commercial frameworks.
Contact us now for an informal chat.



Our Kit

Over the last 3 years, our team of divergent and disruptive thinkers have generated revolutionary designs that solve existing problems by leveraging traditional and emerging technologies.
This results in a growing suite of step-change concepts that are available for licensing, partnering, or acquisition for development and market domination.
As we can only share limited information about each invention in the public domain (to protect our IP), please contact us directly to find out more.

A method to produce a carbon/metal hybrid composite that improves survivability of personnel and platforms.

It allows for specific forming of the material to individual specifications as required.


The process removes inherent material weakening that occurs during traditional forming methods.

Benefits + Applications

  • Compressive strength of metal, tensile strength and heat dispersal properties of carbon nano-tubes.

  • Easy to produce

  • Vastly improved strength-to-weight ratios

  • Step-change for dismounted soldier and military platforms, as well as civilian applications

Nano-tube Hybrid Armour

An entirely novel (i.e. non-Wankel) design for rotary ICE.

A super efficient high revving engine with only 1 static and 4 rotating components.

Swept area under power stroke per rotation equivalent to one quarter total volume of engine body.

Benefits + Applications


  • Relative efficiency improvement over piston engine of 40.1%

  • 4x power to weight over piston engine

  • 1kg of engine weight will return 9.8kw of power generation @3,000rpm

  • Applications include range extension for all EV platforms, plus marine and aeronautical craft.

Rotary Internal Combustion Engine

A technology to access the most available thermal energy store on the plant - the sea.

It converts thermal gradients in the water column into motive energy.

Benefits + Applications

  • Constantly replenished and zero-impact energy source

  • Not weather dependant 

  • For marine propulsion or fixed-platform energy generation

Marine Thermal Energy

A family of designs describing a novel acceleration method for adaptable projectiles.

Think of it as a next-generation electromagnetic ‘rail gun’ delivering configurable supersonic and hypersonic payloads

Benefits + Applications

  • Low power consumption

  • Small footprint and highly scalable

  • Minimal self-wear

  • Delivers required velocities for impact nuclear fusion

  • Deployable on platforms across sea, land, and space

Electromagnetic Mass Accelerator

A single person ultralight VTOL air transport platform that moves in all axis and maintains hover.

Can be deployed from the air, when the platform transits to ground unmanned. Operates with or without fuel.

Benefits + Applications

  • Low operational acoustic volume

  • User maintains use of hands during flight

  • Accessible aerial transport for all 

  • Light armoured variant for battlefield operations

Personnel Airboard platform
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